What is an ISA?

An ISA or Individual Savings Account is a ‘wrapper’ which allows you to invest and save with favourable tax status (for UK tax payers). Within an ISA, a broad range of investments may be held and there is no requirement to withdraw money before a particular age or tax implications for doing so.

What can I invest in?

Our ISA and JISA provide you with the ability to diversify your portfolio across a wide range of investments such as, equities, fixed interest securities and collective investment schemes.
Moving existing ISA’s to us:

Our experienced back office team will take help you manage any ISA transfer. Your stocks and shares ISA can be amalgamated with both existing stocks and shares ISAs and cash ISAs. The advantages of consolidating your ISAs with us are that this will reduce the amount of paperwork you receive and in the process make it much easier for you to monitor and administer your investments. Arnold Stansby & Co does not charge for transferring ISAs in, Please check with your current provider regarding their charges.

Additional permitted subscriptions

Under current government legislation an APS allowance allows the surviving spouse or civil partner to make additional permitted subscriptions into an ISA up to the value of the deceased investor’s ISA at the date of death.

Keeping you up to date with the progress of your ISA or JISA:

Our online valuation service allows you to monitor the progress of your ISA portfolio, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Half yearly we will provide you with a valuation of your ISA (April & October). This will include a statement of the ISA cash account and a schedule of the transactions you have undertaken on the account in the previous 6 months.


We also offer a stocks and shares Junior ISA (JISA).