Nominee Service

A secure and efficient way hold your investments.

How it works:

The advantages of using our Nominee Service are that you will not receive any paperwork or certificates from a company registrar or fund administrator. We administer all corporate actions including rights issues, consolidations, dividends, interest payments and other entitlements.

Where possible we ensure shareholder benefits are passed on to the underlying client, something most stockbrokers do not offer.

Our nominee service allows us to settle all your transactions in a smooth and efficient way as we do not require any documentation from you. Income payments can be set up at a frequency that meets your needs; we are very flexible when it comes to making your life run more smoothly.

Tax year end reporting:

Each April, we will provide you with a Tax Report. The Report includes a consolidated tax voucher and Capital Gains Report where appropriate, which has the added advantage of assisting you with the completion of your tax returns.